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Welcome to Savannah Rae Photography where we believe that photography is not a "one size fits all" type of thing. We focus on getting to know each of our clients to curate an experience centered around YOU and your uniqueness. Our clients are not deemed badass because they climb mountains and jump in oceans with us (but we do love that). Our clients are badass because they are true to who to they are and aren't afraid to stray from traditions. 

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Have you ever tried to describe a perfect sunset to someone? Or the feeling of getting to the top of a hike and seeing the most incredible view? Most of the time you can't find the words, because there simply aren't words perfect enough to do the job. Thankfully, this is my job. I focus on documenting moments that you can't put into words; mom's face after seeing you in a wedding dress, dad helping you put on cufflinks that were passed down through generations, siblings crying at the altar. All moments that if tried to put into words would fail at describing the feeling, but are frozen forever in a photograph.

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"Man! There aren't enough words to explain the talent that Savannah possesses! She is a wizard when it comes to finding the most magical moments. She is extremely open minded and gives great advice! She truly does think of everything and it is so helpful to making your wedding day run as smoothly as possible! It has been so fun watching her master her craft!"
-Krista R

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Check out our free guide to "How to Make More Sustainable Choices on your Wedding Day"

Savannah Rae Photography is a big fan of the "leave no trace" movement, which is why I created a guide to help you make more sustainable wedding choices on your wedding day. 

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How to Make More Sustainable Choices on your Wedding Day

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