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Let me start this off by saying I am NOT a morning person. But damn, tempt me with an intimate sunrise elopement at the beautiful Vasquez Rocks with a couple madly in love? I’m INNNNN!!! I’ll also start this off by saying if you’re thinking about eloping, just do it! Getting married the way YOU want to and how YOU envision it is 100% worth it. I know these two had no regrets!

Nicole and I showed up to the cutest airbnb about 15 minute away from Vasquez Rocks. It was just before 6:00am when we arrived so it was still pretty dark. We said hi to the couple as they finished getting ready and started taking photos of their details. Low and behold a HORSE just comes up to us and hangs out while we were taking detail photos. I’m not a fan of props but will not be mad about a horse photo-bombing your photos.

They finished getting ready and we met them at Vasquez Rocks for their first look. As the sun was coming up they had their intimate ceremony with about 15 of their closest family and friends. They exchanged vows, did family photos, and then we ventured around the park in the morning sun doing their newly wed photos! Safe to say it was an amazing morning.




Associate Shot for Nicole Kirshner Photography


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