Love Stories

“I was so nervous leading up to the day, about the details about how it would turn out, and if it would be as beautiful as I hoped. Once the day arrived, I was so calm that I even surprised myself. The day was beyond perfect. Everything was beautiful and there was so much love […]

When I think about Grazhel & Justin’s engagement photos, all I see in my mind is passing around and chugging a huge bottle of Cook’s champagne while constantly laughing our asses off. When I say they had multiple laugh attacks, I mean the WHOLE SHOOT was filled with huge smiles and giggles (mostly because the […]

I’ve never been to a wedding with more laughs and tears than this one. This venue nestled in Thousand Oaks valley offered the most beautiful scenery including being surrounded by huge hills, wild flowers, forests, barns, and the cutest farm animals. Even though it was an overcast day, there was this epic fog that crept […]

Every year, my family takes an annual family trip to Lake Tahoe. About 5 years ago, my partner Nolan joined my family and I on our vacation. Being the rock climber that he is, he wanted to explore all that Tahoe had to offer. Because my family had plans, Nolan was on his own to […]

Eileen slid into my DM’s one night and we instantly bonded over our twinning Subarus and Game of Thrones. The minute we had our first phone call, I knew we were going to be the perfect fit for each other. Before their shoot, Eileen invited me over for some pre-shoot mimosas before we hopped on […]

For most couples, it takes a hot second for them to get comfortable in front of the camera and loosen up a bit, which is 100% normal. But for Katy & Cory, they were on fire from the get-go! Cory was constantly making Katy laugh and we all had the best time together. At the […]

I first met Katie about 6 years ago when we were both waitressing at the same place. We bonded over how crappy our jobs were and I told her my dreams about owning my own wedding photography business. We followed each other on Instagram but after we both quit, we didn’t see each other much. […]

Alec & Ariana’s engagement photos left me speechless. While we were driving to the beach, we noticed a heavy layer of fog hanging over the ocean. Fog can definitely make for some awesome photos as well, so we weren’t too worried, but we still hoped for a sunset. When we approached the top of the […]

Laura & Josh’s wedding was what dreams are made of. The whole process was so full of love and laughs and it’s couples like these that make my job so worthwhile. It started off with a coffee date with her parents because Laura & Josh lived in Colorado. After getting the a-okay from them, I […]

Sierra & Jason. Damn, y’all. This is going to be one of those blog posts where I have SO much to say, but I don’t know if I’ll even have the words. I met these two when I was chosen to photograph Sierra’s sister’s wedding in Mammoth Lakes. I immediately knew that they were the […]