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Alpine Lake Engagement Shoot

When I think about Grazhel & Justin’s engagement photos, all I see in my mind is passing around and chugging a huge bottle of Cook’s champagne while constantly laughing our asses off. When I say they had multiple laugh attacks, I mean the WHOLE SHOOT was filled with huge smiles and giggles (mostly because the champagne made us burp and it kept exploding in our bag because of the altitude LOL).

I found this cute little lake nestled in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead and it was the perfect spot for their photos. We took some photos in the forest surrounding the lake before we put our feet in the surprisingly warm water. Afterwards, I desperately wanted some golden hour photos at sunset, but it was hard to find an open spot because we were surrounded by trees. As we headed down the mountain, I pulled over on the side of the road because I saw some dreamy warm light streaming through the valley and we took some more photos as cars and bikers honked and cheered us on. If we had this much fun at their engagement shoot, I can’t imagine how much fun their wedding will be! WOOO

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