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Serendipity Garden Wedding

If I could shoot at one wedding venue for the rest of my life, it would be Serendipity Garden in Oak Glen, California. And if I could photograph one couple for the rest of my life, I would probably choose Krista and Cameron. I love them both so much, not only because Krista is my cousin (well not officially, YET) but because their love for each other just radiated through themselves all day long.

There were A LOT of tears. And I’m not going to lie, I didn’t hold any back either. From a bridesmaids first look, father of the bride first look, big brother first look, first touch as almost husband and wife, incredibly romantic and emotional letters to each other, heart felt vows, amazing speeches, I could go on and on. Basically, I’m obsessed with them and I hope you’re ready for a wholeeeeeeee lotta photos, because there’s a ton. THANK YOU Krista & Cameron for choosing me to document your day. I so look forward to documenting your milestones for the rest of your lives.

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