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San Clemente Beach Proposal

Proposals are so fun because they can happen in SO many different ways. I’ve had couples propose to each other during a photo session with me and I’ve had people hire me to hide in bushes and capture the moment as it unfolds. For this proposal, it was more like the second one. Except with most public proposals, I tend to like to “hide in plain sight”, and sit on the beach with my camera, pretended to photograph the landscape and the surfers.

Logan and I met the week before at T-Street, San Clemente, and came up with a game plan. He had a pretty specific vision in his mind which I was excited to execute. His girlfriend and him have a painting in the home of T-Street beach from up above. It features the pier, the walking overpass, the lifeguard tower, and it is framed by palm trees. He wanted to replicate this painting as a photo, with him proposing in the middle (check out the painting at the end of the blog). In order to get both that photo and the reaction close-up photos as well, I would need to hire on a second photographer to ensure we get both angles. My second photographer and I had our headphones in and were talking as Logan and Jasmine came down the steps, and then we patiently waited for the moment! It was such a special evening!

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