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Katy & Cory are engaged!

For most couples, it takes a hot second for them to get comfortable in front of the camera and loosen up a bit, which is 100% normal. But for Katy & Cory, they were on fire from the get-go! Cory was constantly making Katy laugh and we all had the best time together.

At the end, they wanted to pop some champagne to celebrate. After successfully spraying it everywhere (myself and my camera included) they told me that they’ve saved every single wine cork that they’ve ever shared together! So we frantically started looking for the cork but couldn’t find it. Eventually I looked at my camera and realized that he threw it to his left, so after a couple more minutes, we found it! I love this tradition that they have and they also told me they’re going to incorporate the corks into their wedding day.

Is it October yet? Let’s get you two married!

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