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Laguna Beach Engagement Session

When I parked my car to do this engagement session, I called Alexis and asked them in they were here yet. She tells me to meet them at their car so I packed up my things and walked over (we were both early so there was no rush). I walk up and they are drinking wine just chilling in their car! So naturally I hopped in and had a glass with them before we walked down for our shoot.

Even with it being one of the most crowded days at the beach, this session is one of my top favorites. The sunset, the mood, their OUTFITS, everything was on point. They even jumped in the water at the end and ended up walking back to the car with just their towels on (lol). They are having their wedding at Ole Hanson this September and if we had this much fun for their engagement shoot, I can’t imagine how fun their wedding will be!!!

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