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Marcus & Hayley- OC Heritage Museum Wedding

I can’t put music on these blogs, so while you’re viewing this, please imagine or start playing “Good as hell” by Lizzo, because that was the theme song for this day.

From the moment I arrived at the hotel, Hayley & her wedding party were dancing, laughing, singing, and just having the BEST time.

They had their ceremony at a church in RSM, and it was so beautiful and unique! Before the ceremony, they decided to do a “first touch” and read their letters to each other. For them, it helped calm their nerves and gave them an opportunity to say hi before starting the ceremony. Once the mass started, the priest did something he had never done before and had ALL the guests stand up and stand around the couple, showing their support by putting their hands towards them and praying with them. I’ve never seen anything like this and it was so moving to see!

After the ceremony, I had my second photographer jump in the party bus with them to capture them celebrating as newly weds! Their reception was at OC Heritage Museum where we did the most epic photos followed by an amazing reception! It was all around an amazing day!

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