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The photographer (ME!) has a winter wonderland photo shoot!

I started a new tradition that every year, my partner & I get in front of the lens to do a photo shoot together. Being a photographer, it’s important to understand how my couples feel and gives me a unique perspective on shooting. So this year, we were in Washington for the holidays and did our yearly session there!

I was pretty adamant on doing our photos in the snow, but the forecast in Seattle showed rain, rain, and more rain. So we started driving inland and drove until the rain on our windshield turned into big fluffy snowflakes. We found a spot, parked illegally, and only had about 10 minutes of photos before we got kicked out, but that was all the time we needed (the boyfriend isn’t keen on being in photos, so it was kind of perfect).

We then went and thawed off in the car and got some hot pho on the way home. These shoots are so important to me. This one was especially important because my grandma passed away in August, and during this trip my family got to go through her things. I picked out some of her jewelry and it just so happened to match perfectly with my photo shoot outfit. I now how these photos printed and hung in my room to cherish forever.



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